Thursday, 29 October 2015

Woman Found in Military Quarters

Leighton Buzzard Railway Station c.1920 [Z1306/74]

Friday 29th October 1915: Lizzie Smith, a 56 year old woman of no fixed address who gives her occupation as “laundress”, has been sent to gaol for seven days after being found guilty at Linslade Police Court of being on enclosed premises for an unlawful purpose. Bombadier John Evans of the Royal Field Artillery told the court that at 7.15 that morning he went with two others to the orderly room at their quarters in Church Road, Linslade and found the woman in a room which is in use as an office. She seemed agitated and could not explain why she was there. When asked what her business was she said she was looking for the police station. She gave him the impression that she had been into another room which was used by the officers. He took her outside and directed her to the police station. She went in that direction, but after turning the corner stopped and ran up Church Road again as if heading for the railway station. He shouted to her to stop but she continued running. He ran after her and told her she would be taken to the police station.

Inspector Walker said he had questioned the prisoner and she admitted going into different rooms at the military quarters. She refused to tell him what she was doing, and would not tell him where she slept during the night. He had received a complaint that she had had to be turned out of the porch of a house in Church Road at 10.30 last night. Smith told the magistrates that she went to the quarters because she wanted to get to the police station in order to make some inquiries. She saw a notice stating “Knock and please enter”, so as nobody came she went in and sat on a chair. When told where the police station was she decided that as she was so near to London she would make inquiries there, so headed for the railway station. When asked by the Chairman of the Bench where she slept last night Smith said “I would rather not give the person’s name”.

Source: Leighton Buzzard Observer, 2nd November 1915

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