Saturday, 10 October 2015

Death of a Wootton Volunteer

Private Herbert Moore [Bedfordshire Standard]

Sunday 10th October 1915: Before the War Herbert Moore of Wootton was employed at Messrs. Forder and Son’s works at Wootton Pillinge. At a recruiting rally held on 7th August last year he was the first of 35 men to step forward and volunteer to join the Forces. After twelve months in training he was sent with the 5th Bedfords to the Dardanelles. Within two or three days of landing he was wounded by a piece of shell which cut through a writing pad in his breast pocket, cut his chest and knocked off his hat. He recovered from this wound but fell ill soon afterwards with dysentery and was taken to hospital on the island of Malta. Tragically his parents, Alfred and Ann Moore of Hall End, Wootton, have now received news that he has died of this illness.

Source: Bedfordshire Standard, 15th October 1915

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