Friday, 16 October 2015

Two Tilsworth Brothers Killed

Private Archie William King

Saturday 16th October 1915: Two Tilsworth brothers who enlisted in the Bedfordshire Regiment on the same day in September last year have both made the ultimate sacrifice. Private Harry John King was killed fighting with the 2nd Bedfords at Hill 60 on 5th May this year. Now his parents have suffered the bitter blow of losing a second son, Private Archie William King, who was also serving with the 2nd Bedfords. Writing home just a day before he received his fatal wound he told his parents: “I am writing this letter in the trenches, and our big guns are bombarding the German trenches, so you can tell it’s a bit noisy, for they are blowing them all to pieces[1]. I cannot think how they can live in it. I don’t think they can for long … Wouldn’t I like to see you all! What a happy day when I do come home, if the Lord spares us, as I hope He will, but we must put all our trust in Him. As I said before, this is my place out here, and won’t I be able to tell you something when I do come home!”

Sadly, it was not to be. Mrs. King received a letter from a chaplain telling her that her son was at the hospital severely wounded and that “I saw him, and he asked me to write to you. You will, I hope, in a day or two get some good news of him”. This was followed soon after by official notification that Private King had died of his wounds on 23rd September. 

Source: Luton News, 14th October 1915

[1] This bombardment was in preparation for the British offensive at Loos.

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