Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Men of the Voluntary Aid Detachment

Hayward-Tyler section of the V.A.D. [Luton Times]

Thursday 9th December 1915: We often hear of the ladies of the Voluntary Aid Detachments but should remember that a number of men are also doing their part. The men of the 1st section of Luton’s Red Cross are doing active work, attached for night duty to Wardown Hospital. One of the men attends the hospital every night ready to help as required. Messrs. Hayward-Tyler’s works formed this V.A.D. section some ten years ago. All the men are thoroughly experienced, with many holding merit medallions. Their training has been carried out by Arthur Dines, the first section leader appointed in Bedfordshire. Hayward-Tyler have taken a keen interest in the men’s work and they are trained to proper military standard, as they demonstrated in the ambulance operations at the Territorial recruiting demonstration held at Luton Hoo. Much credit is due both to their leader and to the men who are prepared to give up much of their leisure time to carry out this important work.

Source: Luton Times, 10th December 1915

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