Saturday, 12 December 2015

Able-Bodied Men

Stag's Head, corner of Wing Rd and Old Rd, Linslade c.1906 [Z50/74/28]

Sunday 12th December 1915: As Lord Derby’s recruitment scheme draws to a close a soldier who was billeted in Linslade with the Somerset Light Infantry last winter has written to remind us why it is so important that all those men who are able to do so should enlist:
“I am glad to say I am in very good health considering the weather we have had since we have been here, now nearly two months. We are in the trenches at present, we do [censored] days in and as many out, but while out we get rest at night, but work in the trenches by day. It is very bad up here owing to the rain; it’s nothing but water and mud. You get simply plastered from head to foot, but you soon get used to it. We are all as bright as can be because we know we are on the side of right, and any man that is a man at all, that could see what it is like for the poor people out here, would pray to God that it may never happen to loved ones at home or England. It’s terrible for them; they are like hunted rats, they never know when a shell will upset their little home. This is the place for all able-bodied men, to keep the war this side of the Channel.”
One Linslade family has certainly done its share in contributing to the defence of the country. Joseph Woolhead has become the sixth son of Joseph and Sarah Ann Woolhead of 48 Old Road to join the Forces. Joseph, who emigrated to Canada some years ago, has enlisted in the Canadian Field Artillery. His brothers Edward and Lewis are in the infantry, Ernest is attached to the Army Service Corps, and Albert and Walter are in the Navy.

Source: Leighton Buzzard Observer, 14th December 1915

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