Monday, 21 December 2015

Postwomen Begin Work

Luton's Postwoman, November 1915

Tuesday 21st December 1915: To alleviate the labour shortage caused by the war the Post Office has taken on a number of postwomen. A reporter who spent time with a lady learning the ropes in New Bedford Road area of Luton tells us, “She walks along very briskly, and appeared quite a home with her bag and bundles of letters”. At Woburn Miss Ethel King has taken her brother’s place and in now delivering letters in the town. The mid-day delivery has been discontinued and the residents of Woburn are not only receiving two deliveries a day. A second postwoman, Miss May Skinner, is expected to begin deliveries imminently.

Source: Luton News 5th November 1915; Leighton Buzzard Observer 21st December 1915

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