Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas at Wrest Park Hospital

Wrest House c.1914 [Z1130/104/1/20]

Monday 27th December 1915: The Christmas celebrations at Wrest Park Hospital will come to a close tonight with a concert by staff and patients who are well enough to take part. Items on the bill include songs, sketches, and the “Golliwog Minstrel Troupe”. On Christmas Day everything possible was done to cheer the patients and make them forget, at least for a time, the sufferings they had undergone over the past year. The entrance hall was transformed with decorations and sumptuous fare was served. In the evening a cinematograph entertainment was provided for the entertainment of the patients and a few visitors, who also enjoyed a few songs. The whole hospital is looking forward to tonight’s more extensive programme. This small piece of humour illustrates the general feeling of the patients:
Q. Why is Wrest Park Hospital like the army?A. Because it takes some beating.
 Source: Bedfordshire Standard, 31st December 1915

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