Wednesday, 30 September 2015

W.H. Allen’s Looks After Its Own

Bedfordshire Yeomanry Novelty Card, 1915 [Z1306/75/16/53]

Thursday 30th September 1915: Regular parcels are sent by the electrical department of Messrs. W. H. Allen’s factory in Bedford to former colleagues now serving at the Front. A letter of thanks was received today by Mr. A. Day of the dynamo shop from Trooper S. P. Keech of the Bedfordshire Yeomanry, the recipient of the most recent parcel. He writes:
“The things you sent are just A1, and they couldn’t have arrived at a better time. WE have started the big move which has been expected for such a long time, and we are doing splendidly all along the line. All the cavalry are taking part in it, and our division is at present in a wood behind the first line ready to push on at 30 minutes’ notice. The order may come at any moment for us to move; We have been on the road three days now, but most of our travelling has been done at night and resting in the day ti … We have just had the order to saddle up, so I must finish. I often think of you all in the old Dynamo Shop, and wish I was there but we must see it through now.”
Source: Bedfordshire Times 1st October 1915

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