Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A Shortage of Bellringers

Flitton c.1910 [Z1306/49/6]

Wednesday 1st September 1915

Although many of the village’s bellringers have gone to the Front, it has still been possible to ring all eight bells every Sunday. Leighton Buzzard has not been so fortunate and has had to replace most of their bellringers with women; these new ringers are said to be making excellent progress.

Flitton and Greenfield
The Parish Church has been insured for £2,000 against damage by aerial craft (war risks) at a cost of £2.

The total number of eggs collected by the Misses Jones over the past three months for the wounded soldiers at Wrest Park Hospital has passed 3,000. The Hospital has now been temporarily closed for alterations. Some of the soldiers have been sent to the Military Hospital at Cambridge, others to private houses which have been converted into convalescent homes, and a few have gone on leave. It is hoped that the supply of eggs will be continued when the hospital reopens.

Source: Monthly Magazine for the parishes of Barton-le-Cley, Clophill, Flitton and Greenfield, Gravenhurst, Silsoe, Westoning, September 1915 [P21/30/17]

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