Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A Mandolin for the Brave Bedfords

Gibson F4 Mandolin, 1916 [Wikimedia]

Thursday 9th September 1915: An appeal was published in last week’s Bedfordshire Times from Sergeant A. V. Woods of C Company of the 2nd Battalion of the Bedfordshire Regiment asking “Have any of your readers a mandolin they could spare for the boys out here? It would be a real pleasure for them, as several of them can play. I know how often the appeal comes, yet I feel sure that someone will do their best for us, and secure, if possible, the desired instrument.” Three generous Bedford girls have responded to the appeal and sent a mandoline to Sergeant Woods. The label attached to the instrument reads “May this bring pleasure and real good luck to our brave Bedfords. From Dorothy, Ruby and Nora Hartup, 6, Argyll Street, Bedford”[1]. A grateful SergeaAnt Woods has replied, “I would like in some way to try and thank you, but really I feel no words of mine can in any way express to you all I would say. Of one thing you may be proud, and that is that you will be giving to lads at the front many happy hours. Your gift is kindness itself.”

Source: Bedfordshire Times, 3 September and 10 September 1915

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