Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Recruitment March Reaches Podington

Wednesday 2nd June 1915: The 2/5th Bedfordshire Regiment continues to make progress with its recruiting march. Yesterday’s route began at Turvey and called at the Reformatory School at Carlton where it was greeted enthusiastically. From there it progressed via Harrold to Hinwick and Podington. At 5.30pm the troops reassembled and marched to Hinwick House, the home of its commander Major Rouse Orlebar; when they arrived were inspected by the regimental colonel, the Honorable Victor Russell, who had travelled from Newmarket for the occasion. After the formal inspection the men were put through their drill by their commander’s eight year old son Master John Orlebar in “a remarkably smart manner for one so young”. The house and grounds were opened to the public for the occasion, and many people took full advantage of the opportunity. A stage was built in the coach house and the visitors enjoyed a concert given by soldiers from the battalion, some convalescent patients from the hospital now in operation at Hinwick House, and Major Orlebar’s brother Beauchamp. The Sergeant-Major gave an exhibition of club swinging and humorous selections were performed by Lieutenant Hart.

Source: Bedfordshire Standard 4th June 1915

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