Monday, 1 June 2015

German Landlady's Only Fault

The Crown, Leighton Buzzard, 2008 [ © BLARS]

Tuesday 1st June 1915: Margaret Gotzheim, aged 70, the landlady of the Crown Inn in North Street, Leighton Buzzard, has appeared at Leighton Petty Sessions today charged as an enemy alien with travelling more than five miles from her registered address on May 17th. Superintendent Matthews stated that on that day she went in a wagonette to Luton with her family, but was a German subject and had no permit. She had been seen and recognised by a police constable driving along George Street in Luton with her two daughters. Mrs. Gotzheim had registered as an alien in August and had been warned at the time that she was not to travel more than five miles without a permit.

Questioned by the chairman of the Bench the Superintendent said that there were three aliens registered in the Leighton Buzzard Petty Sessional Division and that Margaret Gotzheim had lived in the country for forty years. Her sons and daughters were all born here and are English subjects. She herself said that she had been in England for sixty years and remarked “Yes, I am German born, but that is the only fault I have got”. Mrs. Gotzheim pleaded guilty and was fined £20 with 6 shillings costs. She responded “I ain’t going to pay; I’m not”.

Source: Luton News 3rd June 1915

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