Thursday, 25 June 2015

Motor Car and Lorry Drivers Needed

Trade postcard of Woodall and Co. motor lorry builders, Biggleswade, c.1915 [Z1306/16/32/7]

Friday 25th June 1915: An advertisement has appeared in today’s Bedfordshire Times offering motor car and petrol lorry drivers a chance to serve their country by joining the Army Service Corps Mechanical Transport Branch, which urgently requires experienced drivers of these vehicles in large numbers. Men aged 19 to 45 are eligible and will be paid a minimum of six shillings per day with separation allowance payable in addition. Application can be made at any local recruiting office, and applicants will be tested tomorrow at the recruiting office in High Street Bedford by Second Lieutenant F. J. Keith Ellison, Mechanical Transport Officer. Experience is essential – men with motor school training only need not apply.

Source: Bedfordshire Times 25th June 1915

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