Monday, 16 March 2015

Bedford Boys in France

Group of men and women at military camp, c.1914. Men appear to be medical corps. [Z1306/12/9/3]

Tuesday 16th March 1915:  Private J. Craig of Bedford who is serving with the Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps has written to tell his friend Harry Harvey of the Foundry United Cricket Club that they are having the time of their lives in France:

“We have been very busy, night and day, and not much convenience to drop a line. I am in the best of health, and having a good time and getting on fine. We are getting it a bit lively round here now, and there is likely to be a lot of excitement, but that is just what we like – better than being idle and nothing to do, as previously. Never had such a time in all our lives. If we manage to get through it, which I think some of us will, we shall have plenty to talk about, and hope to have some good times together again. I think we shall be home again within a very few months, to give you a hand with the machines, etc., for the next war! Lots of old Bedford boys are around here; I came across some of them the other day, but could not stop for many minutes, but it was quite a treat to see some of them. We are living well and plenty to smoke (thanks to the “Beds Standard” Tobacco Fund) so nothing to grumble about. When we run short I will let you know.”

Source: Bedfordshire Standard 19th March 1915

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