Friday, 27 May 2016

Men's Mess Room Rules

George Kent Biscot Road factory at night, c.1920s [Z1306/75/17/22]

Saturday 27th May 1916: At the George Kent engineering works in Luton the following rules are to be observed in the men’s mess room:
  1. All meals served in the Mess Room must be paid for at the time. Credit cannot be allowed.
  2. Free meals are not provided for men, only boys working in VO. Depts. Rated at 3d or less, will be provided with milk and biscuit in the morning, and tea in the afternoon, free of charge. 
  3. Any dishes or articles shown on the tariff, can, under normal circumstances, be provided at the prices stated.
  4. Complaints as to accommodation, service or cooking, will be dealt with promptly. These should be addressed to Mrs. Nicholls.
  5. Crockery must not be taken from the Mess Rooms.
  6. Broken crockery must be reported and handed to the Mess Room Staff.
  7. A table is set aside for boys – disorderly conduct at this table will be reported.
  8. For their own and other’s sakes, those who use the Mess Room are requested to refrain from spitting.
  9. Rowdyism and bad language must not be indulged in.
  10. Gambling of any sort or kind is strictly prohibited. An infringement of this rule will mean instant dismissal for those concerned.
Source: George Kent Ltd. Archive

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