Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A “Very Bad Girl” from Leighton Buzzard

Wellington Street, Luton 1907 [Z1306/75/10/61/1]

Wednesday 3rd May 1916: Beatrice Creamer, aged 19, of Chamberlain’s Barn, Leighton Buzzard has appeared at Luton Court House charged with stealing a pair of boots from Miss Ethel Watts of 8, Princess Street, Luton, and a dress skirt from Mrs. Edgar Furlong of Albion Road. Beatrice Creamer had told Miss Watts that she had been walking about all day, had no food, and had obtained work at Connor’s in Wellington Street at 14 shillings a week; Miss Watts had then agreed to give her lodgings. She left for work at Kents’ factory that evening, and when she returned the next morning a new pair of boots was missing. Miss Creamer was found by the police with the boots, which by then were quite worn. She admitted taking the boots and said she was sorry. Mrs Furlong said that the girl had given the name Beatrice Fletcher and had told her she had been on the stage in Puss in Boots at Drury Lane, had been walking about for two hours, and had got work in Wellington Street. She had tea and supper and slept at Mrs Furlong’s house, but disappeared the next morning, along with the skirt.

Beatrice Creamer admitted stealing the boots and said she was sorry. The Chief Constable stated that her parents were in very poor circumstances, with a large family, and he was afraid “she was a very bad girl”, with several charges against her of obtaining food and lodging. She had been employed on several occasions, but did not stay long at any job. She had come to Luton from Leighton Buzzard last December and had gone into service at a boarding house in Bute Street. She left there and went to work at the Blocker’s Arms, while living at 17 Chequer Street. She next went to live with a Mrs. Watkins, where she received board and lodgings under a false name for a week. While staying with a Mrs Woodward, that lady had met Creamer in the street wearing her own wedding dress. She was taken back to the house and made to take it off.

The Probation Officer told the Court he had talked with the girl, who was willing to go into a home at Westminster for two years, where she would be trained in domestic service. She gave an undertaking to enter the home and was bound over.

Source: Leighton Buzzard Observer, 9th May 1916

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