Monday, 2 April 2018

Restrictions on the Use of Gas and Electricity

Dunstable Street, Ampthill c.1907 [AU46/4w]

Tuesday 2nd April 1918: A new order restricting the consumption of gas and electricity has come into force today. The rules introduced include:
  •  No light is to be allowed in shop fronts unless approved by the police as necessary for serving customers inside the shop, or to illuminate a small sign indicating the shop is open.
  • Inns, hotels, restaurants, and other public eating houses are not to provide hot meals between 9.30pm and 5am, with the exception of railway canteens, meals served to travelling soldiers and sailors, and certain private canteens.
  • No gas or electricity is to be allowed in places of entertainment between 10.30pm and 1pm the following day, except for cleaning and rehearsals to which the public are not admitted.
  • The “five-sixths restriction” on gas and electricity applies to London and a number of other counties including Bedfordshire. This states that “No person shall consume or cause or permit to be consumed in any one quarter of a year on any premises of which he is the occupier more than five-sixths of the amount of gas or electricity which was consumed on the same premises during the corresponding quarter of the years 1916 or 1917, whichever was the greater”.

 Source: Luton News, 28th March 1918

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