Thursday, 19 April 2018

Overcrowded Classes at Leighton Buzzard Boys School

Beaudesert Boys’ Council School 1913 [Z50/72/21]

Friday 19th April 1918: Bedfordshire Education Committee has received a report that the number of scholars registered in the fourth and fifth classes at the Leighton Buzzard Boys’ Council School is more than sixty, the maximum permitted in a single class. The school managers, after discussion with the headteacher, have submitted that the class sizes are unavoidable and have been caused by the number of children who have arrived in the town from air raid areas. As these children had already been attending fourth and fifth classes in London they had to be put into the same classes in Leighton Buzzard. On 28th May last year there were 63 pupils in class four and 67 in class five, and on October 10th classes three, four and five all had more than sixty scholars. It was accepted by the Committee that the headmaster, Mr. Currie, had arranged things in the best way possible – to put pupils into classes for which they were not suited when the large numbers were only temporary would have been absurd, and the headmaster could not refuse admission without reasonable grounds. The Education Committee therefore decided to inform the Board of Education that they believed that in the circumstance this temporary breach of regulations was fully justified.  

Source: Leighton Buzzard Observer, 30th April 1918

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