Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Luton Mons Veteran Gassed

The Place Leopold in Mons [Z1247/5]

Thursday 4th April 1918: Mr. Frederick Budd of 54  Lea Road, Luton, has heard that his son, Lance-Corporal Frederick V. Budd of the Royal Munster Fusiliers, has been badly gassed and is now recovering in a Scottish hospital. Lance-Corporal Budd is a regular soldier who joined the Connaught Rangers seven years ago. At the beginning of the war he volunteered to serve with a cyclist corps in dangerous conditions. Although his corps suffered high casualties he survived the retreat from Mons safely. He served through the Irish rebellion, then returned to the trenches. He suffered two slight wounds, and a more serious wound to the knee from a shrapnel shell last October. Very few of the Old Contemptibles who fought at Mons are still on active service.[1]

Source: Luton News, 4th April 1918

[1] Emperor Wilhelm II was reported to have called the British Expeditionary Force of August 1914 a “contemptible little army”. Hearing this, survivors of the early battles took to calling themselves the Old Contemptibles.

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