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More Confessions to Gertie Grimmer

Confessions of Sydney Hutton [X291/498]

Thursday 11th February 1915: Gertie Grimmer [LINK] has been adding the “confessions” of some of her military patients to her album. Here are the contributions of Bugler C.Denn, Sydney W.Hutton and George Norman Osborne: [1]

Of what country are you a native?
Charles:  England
George:  England, of COURSE

Who is the greatest state man living?
Charles:  Lord Kitchener
Sydney:  Sir Edward Grey
George:  None of ‘em worth calling great. Lloyd George the best – so far

Should bachelors be taxed?
Charles:  Why not
Sydney:  No
George:  Worth it, anyhow!

Who is your favourite hero in history?
Charles:  Nelson
Sydney:  Lord Nelson
George:  Henry VIII

Who is your favourite heroine in history?
Charles:  Mary Queen of Scots
Sydney:  Mary Queen of Scots
George:  Portia, from the Merchant of Venice

Do you prefer the Town to the Country?
Charles:  Yes
Sydney:  No
George:  Country, preferably shady nooks

At what age should a man marry?
Charles:  27
Sydney:  29
George:  When he can’t wriggle out of it

At what age should a woman marry?
Charles:  28
Sydney:  22
George:  When she’s sure she’s got him

Are you in favour of “Votes for Women”?
Charles:  Of course Yes
Sydney:  Emphatically No!
George:  Yes! If they can manage it.

What is your life’s ambition?
Charles:  Cannot state
Sydney:  To lead a quiet life
George:  To die single

Do you object to women smoking?
Charles:  Yes
Sydney:  No
George:  Certainly not

Where would you like to live?
Charles:  A place where the sun always shines
Sydney:  On the sea
George:  In a frame

What is your favourite Outdoor Pastime?
Charles:  Lifting pint pots
Sydney:  Yachting
George:  Depends on how much money I have

What is your favourite Indoor Pastime?
Charles:  Bags to eat
Sydney:  Sleeping
George:  Meditation (sometimes known as “Sulks”)

Do you consider yourself to be useful or ornamental?
Charles:  Neither
Sydney:  Useful
George:  Sometimes useful. Always ornamental.

What are your favourite Christian Names?
Charles:  Charles, Edward
Sydney:  Barbara and Basil
George:  George Norman

Source: Confessions Album of Gertie Grimmer[X291/498]

[1] These would appear to be Bugler Charles T. Denn of the 3rd Rifle Brigade; Sydney W.Hutton of the 9th London Regiment (discharged 29.11.1916 due to wounds) and George Norman Osborne  of the Denbighshire Yeomanry (discharged 7.9.1916 due to sickness).

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