Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Riding Accident and a Narrow Escape

The Ewe and Lamb, Bridge Street, Leighton Buzzard c.1910 (now offices of Leighton Buzzard Observer) [Z1306/72]

Friday 5th February 1915: The Commanding Officer of the 12th Battalion of the West Yorkshire Regiment, which is now stationed in Leighton Buzzard, suffered a serious riding accident this morning. Colonel Lovebond was riding with his Battalion between Billington and Leighton Buzzard when his horse stumbled and threw him.[1] His fellow officers put him in a carrier’s cart and brought him to Leighton House, where he has been staying.  Although he made light of the fall it appears he has suffered internal injuries and he has been transferred to a hospital for X-ray examination.

This was the second accident involving a soldier in Leighton Buzzard this week. On Wednesday evening Charles Callender of Aylesbury was driving a motor lorry down Bridge Street in the direction of Linslade when he had to swerve to avoid a cart standing near the Ewe and Lamb Hotel. The rear wheel skidded and the back of the lorry struck a lamp post, knocking it over and smashing it. A soldier standing nearby had a very narrow escape, managing to jump aside just before the lamp fell. Had he not done so he would certainly have been injured.

Source: Leighton Buzzard Observer and Linslade Gazette, 9th February 1915

[1] This would appear to be Colonel Francis Richard Loveband who was Commanding Officer of the 12th (Service) Battalion of the West Yorkshire Regiment  from 16th October 1914 to 7th July 1915. 

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