Friday, 31 October 2014

Special Constables

Saturday 31st October 1914: Since the outbreak of the war Special County Constables have been patrolling the roads by night. Their aim is to keep under observation all the main roads where the important telegraph and telephone lines are situated, and to prevent any undesirable people passing through the county. The roads within a radius of about 6 miles of the town are patrolled from Bedford, and the outlying districts are patrolled by local special constables under a local leader. All are volunteers. So far whole night duties have been taken by the Bedford Special Constables and the patrols elsewhere have been divided into two beats. The patrols are arranged so that they can be covered either on bicycle or on foot, and no one has to be on duty more than two nights a week. As the nights get longer more volunteers will be required. By doing so those unable to enlist will still be able to perform a valuable service for their country. 

Source: Ampthill and District News 31.10.1914

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