Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wounded Soldiers at Bedford Station

 Group of nurses of the Voluntary Aid Detachment Bedford No.2, c.1914-1916 [Z1306/12/10/3]#

Thursday 1st October 1914: A train carrying soldiers wounded during the Battle of the Aisne has just passed through Bedford. It stopped at the Midland Railway station for half an hour, during which time nurses from the Bedford and Ampthill Red Cross Voluntary Aid Detachments supplied them with refreshments. One of the men in particular was lucky to be alive – a bullet had passed through a button on his tunic, through the top of his trousers, and out through the bottom of his tunic. The soldiers were all in good spirits and anxious to recover quickly so they could return to the front.

Source: Beds Times 9/10/1914

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