Monday, 6 October 2014

Troops Arrive at Leighton Buzzard

Billeting at Leighton Buzzard postcard c.1914 [Z1306/73]

Tuesday 6th October 1914: Soldiers from Lord Kitchener’s Army have now arrived in Leighton Buzzard and the townspeople are making every effort to provide them with comfort and amusement. A concert is being given each evening at the Town Hall, which is also providing reading, writing and games facilities for the troops. A reading table has been stocked with magazines and newspapers, and paper and writing materials are available for the soldiers’ use.

The temporary hospital at the Corn Exchange is now treating twenty soldiers, all suffering from minor illnesses such as rheumatism, bronchitis, influenza and chills. They are being well looked after by the local branch of the British Red Cross Society who are all providing their services on a voluntary basis. Tonight the men have been promised an entertainment arranged for them by local artistes including Miss Dunford, Miss M. Halford, Miss K. Halford, Miss Hayhoe, Mrs M. Gurney, Mr M. Gurney and Mr W. E. Durrell. Those who are well enough have been passing the time playing games of draughts and dominoes, lent by local residents who have also provided gifts of nourishing food for the hospital.

Source: Luton News 1st and 8th October 1914

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