Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Billeting Payments

Cowper Street, Luton 1914 [Z1306/75/10/15/2]

Wednesday 21st October 1914: Some Luton householders are unhappy that they have not been receiving the correct payments for billeting soldiers. The rate for providing a bed is 9d per night, but there has been uncertainty over whether or not the same amount should be payable if a soldier sleeps on the floor. The Luton News has received information that the amount payable should be 9d whenever a soldier is billeted in an occupied house, regardless or whether or not a bed is provided. If the house is empty and unfurnished, then only 3d per head per night is to be paid. The military authorities have confirmed that they will make the 9d per night payment, but have emphasised that the soldiers must be provided with a mattress, lighting, fire and facilities for cooking and eating food. Householders should also be aware that they are not obliged to accept soldiers unless an official yellow billeting form is presented.

Source: Luton News 22nd October 1914

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