Friday, 24 October 2014

Loyalty Day

 "We're Doing Our Duty" postcard c.1914-1918 [Z1306/75/16/42]

Saturday 24th October 1914: Today has been “Loyalty Day” in Luton. Red, white and blue badges have been sold throughout the town to raise funds for the local War Materials Fund. This provides much needed materials for groups of ladies who are working hard making clothing for men serving in the Bedfordshire Regiment and others on active service. The idea for the fundraising day came from Lady Wernher of Luton Hoo. Gifts of ribbon, ready-made badges and other materials were received and a large quantity of ribbon was bought. Working parties were assembled to make the badges which they did at top speed.

The area was divided up into ten districts, with each allocated to a “captain” helped by fourteen other volunteers, and the badges were priced between one penny and one shilling. Selling started at 8 a.m. this morning and within forty minutes a number of the volunteers had already sold out of badges. Some of the sellers were then put to making more badges, with help from Lady Wernher, Miss Pryce and six servants from Luton Hoo. Extra badges were also bought at trade prices and sold at a profit. Selling continued until about 5 p.m. when heavy rain put an end to the business of the day. The takings were so large and contained so many coppers that five people took six hours to count them. The final total raised amounts to an impressive £111.18s.5d. One hundred and fifty ladies and girls and one dog took part in the collection. The dog, which belongs to Mrs Hickson, collected sixteen shillings.

Source: Luton News 29 October 1914

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