Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Fight to the Finish

Sharnbrook Vicarage - this thatched building was pulled down in the year this card was postmarked, 1910 [Z1306/100/19/1]

Friday 2nd October 1914: The vicar of Sharnbrook, Mr Chetwode Ram, has written about the war in the parish newsletter this week, warning that the war may be a long one and will be a “fight to the finish”.
 “We must remember that when we pray for our sailors and soldiers we do not only pray that they may be protected from the special perils of war (wounds and sickness). They are be-set by other dangers besides these, and therefore we pray for those who are on service at home as well as at the front. We pray especially for young recruits, that God may guard them in the hour of trial and temptation, and keep them from all things hurtful to either soul or body. We shall pray especially for those patriotic young men who have left their homes and their work in Sharnbrook to serve their King and country. All honour to them. It seems as if this war will be a long one. Not until we have accomplished that for which we have taken up arms can we even wish it to come to an end. In the words of our King, “This is a fight to the finish.” So far we have done well. Our men have shown themselves to be heroes indeed. We trust in God and in them for the future..” 
There is also talk about the possibility of Sharnbrook getting a public water supply. The water is very hard and while those living in the old part of the village have plenty of water some of the newer houses do not have good enough wells and often suffer from lack of water.

Source: Sharnbrook Parish Record Book [P112/28/6]

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