Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Kaiser Dreams - The Britisher Speaks

Thursday 26th August 1915

Kaiser Wilhelm II [Wikimedia]

When the Kultured German Kaiser,
Let loose the dogs of War,
He said: “I’ll crush my neighbour,
It will not then be far
To England, which I’ll conquer!
(There may be heavy loss),
But every man who lands there,
Shall have an iron cross.”

The Kaiser Dreams –
“For years I’ve dreamt of Conquest,
And of victory there’s no doubt!”
The Britisher Speaks –
“Now Sir John[1] he still keeps waiting
And wants them to come out.”

The roads are blocked to Paris,
By Joffre and by French,
And sturdy British soldiers
Are ready in their trench.

The Germans fought for Calais;
And thousands bit the dust,
But we shan’t let them take it,
Tho’ mad William says “they must”.

Now, all cannot face the danger
Of the battle field today,
Our Braves must be supported,
Each one who can must pay.

Think of the homeless Belgians,
Without shelter, food, or rest,
So if our tea and beer be dear,
Why, try and get the best.

We must buy R. and W’s.,[2]
Their Ale’s the best produced,
And when this war is over,
The price must be reduced. – W.D.

Source: Leighton Buzzard Observer, 24 August 1915

[1] Field Marshal Sir John French.

[2] Roberts & Wilson, brewers of Ivinghoe (taken over by Benskins in 1927). 

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