Friday, 7 August 2015

Bedford's Entertainments

Palace Theatre, High Street, Bedford c.1925 [Z1306/10/33/50]

Saturday 7th August 1915: Bedford has enjoyed some splendid entertainment this week. At the Royal County Theatre Mr. E Graham Falcon has presented a variety program twice nightly. The principal item on the bill was a new revue burlesque, “Beauty Baths” by George Ray which included some novel scenes; The Professor gave a lecture on “Husbands”, illustrated by a map; Ted Mercell, an acrobatic skate dancer demonstrated the art of falling on roller skates, to the delight of his audience; Miss Mollie Drew gave a charming rendition of “Annie Laurie”; and Mr. Harvie strolled around on a tightrope.

The Empire was crowded on Monday night for a program of pictures. The four films included an exciting railway film, a story of American police life, and two topical pictures on “The floating peril” and “Lord Charles Beresford in France”. The films were followed by a stage show starring Phyll and Joe lipton in their burlesque “Seaside Appearances” which is said to be “as bright, breezy and bracing as the seaside itself”. Last night’s film programme included Charlie Chaplin in “Charlie and the Tramp”; the second house was a boxing contest between Gunner Sam Boswell of the Royal Field Artillery and Private Cook of the 1st Monmouths.

 At the Picturedrome Monday’s programme was given to a packed house. This entertainment included “The Morals of Marcus” a play by William J. Lock with the lead role played by actress Marica Doro, a humorous film, and the song “Your daddy was a soldier” played on the Vivaphone. This theatre is now showing “Tilley’s Punctured Romance”, starring Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand, and Marie Dressler. Films shown at the Palace this week have included the thrilling adventures of a gipsy king and his daughter in “The Fangs of Hate”, and the comedy “Pimple’s Peril”. The Palace Orchestra plays every evening, and the Pathé Gazette has provided the audience with interesting scenes concerning the war.

Source: Bedford Times, 6 August 1915

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