Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Linslade Commemorates the First Anniversary of the War

Armistice Day at Linslade War Memorial, c.1950 [Z50/74/12]

Wednesday August 4th 1915: Today marks the end of a year of war and we recall sadly the optimism with which most people presumed in the early days of the conflict that it would all be over by Christmas. Meetings and church services are being held across the country to commemorate the anniversary. Inhabitants of Leighton Buzzard have complained that the town is allowing the day to pass almost unnoticed. The Urban Council met last week but no plans to observe the date were made. In contrast to its larger neighbour, the people of Linslade will meet tonight for a short ceremony in the Recreation Ground at which the following resolution will be put the assembled crowd:

“That, on this anniversary of the declaration of a righteous war, this meeting of the inhabitants of Linslade records its inflexible determination to continue to a victorious end the struggle in maintenance of those ideas of liberty and justice which are the common and sacred cause of the Allies.”

Before the meeting a service of intercession is to be held in St. Barnabas Church. The Recreation Ground is being decorated with patriotic flags in preparation for the event.

Source: Leighton Buzzard Observer, 10th August 1915

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