Thursday, 4 August 2016

Second Anniversary of the Declaration of War

Postcard of St Paul's Church, postmarked 1915 (Z1130/11/3/12)
Friday 4th August: A special intercession service was held at noon at St Paul's Church, Bedford, to mark the second anniversary of the declaration of war. The service was attended by the Mayor, Aldermen, the Clerk of the Peace and a number of soldiers (many wounded). Canon Speck addressed the congregation with a lengthy prayer to the 'great Captain of our salvation' , which included the following words:

"We shall entreat him to grant that out of the confusions and miseries of the war there may arise a clearer perception of the true relation between right and might, and a fuller appreciation of the Gospel of Christ as it bears upon the fellowship of nations. We shall have no desire to see our enemies crushed merely for the sake of their humiliation. We shall wish for them, as for ourselves, that their eyes may be opened to know what is true; and we shall pray that the day may come, by the mercy of God, when we may learn to understand and respect one another, and may be united as friends to pursue the common good."

Canon Speck went on to pray for a speedy victory, for soldiers in the field and preparing for the field, for those administering to the sick and wounded, and for the fallen.

Source: Bedfordshire Standard 11/08/1916

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