Thursday, 21 April 2016

Luton Conscientious Objectors Arrested

Conscientious Objector Memorial, Tavistock Square Gardens, London

Friday 21st April 1916: Five conscientious objectors from Luton have been arrested as absentees under the Military Service Act for failing to comply with notices to report for military service. All five had applied unsuccessfully to Local Tribunals for exemption, and their Appeals against refusal had also failed. Appearing before the magistrates they explained that they had failed to report as they had conscientious objections to serving as combatants, but the Magistrates’ Clerk pointed out that his was of no consequence to the court as the magistrates were bound to carry out the law. The five men were remanded to await military escorts. They were named as Sidney Charles Bell of 23 Ashburnham Road; Bernard Bonner of 20 Park Street West; Montague Ronald Dimmock of 92 New Town Street; Harry Edward Stanton of 90 Wellington Street; and Hubert R. Plummer of 15 Ashburnham Road.

Source: Leighton Buzzard Observer, 18th April 1916

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