Saturday, 9 April 2016

Biggleswade Man Defeats Scots in Fishing Match

Pike caught at Sutton Park, 1906 [X768/67]

Sunday 9th April 1916: Sapper F. Lenton of the Royal Engineers is in a Convalescent Home in France recovering from illness. He writes that he hopes soon to be back in the line but that meanwhile he has been enjoying “a bit of sport to pass away the dreary time. We have a stream running through the grounds and we arranged a fishing match, and by gum, fishing too it was. I and six others contested against a room of ‘Jocks’. We had about three yards of bottom each and a worm at the end of a line. Well, of tiddlers we were pulling them out two and three at a time haning to the worm, and after three hours in the hot sun we counted up our captives, which we had in jam tins of water. The result was as follows: - My team, 152 tiddlers; the Jocks, 151 tiddlers. A win for England by 1 tiddler!”

Before the war Sapper Lenton worked at a coachman at Ferguson’s livery stables, Biggleswade.

Source: Biggleswade Chronicle, 14th April 1916

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