Thursday, 26 November 2015

Lucky Escape for Private Parrish

Hospital Ship Anglia [Wikimedia]

Friday 26th November 1915: Brave Gravenhurst soldier Private Cyril Parrish of Gravenhurst exclaimed cheerfully “Come on, boys; take my rifle, I am going for a little holiday” when he was hit by a bullet while guarding a trench. Seriously wounded when the shot entered the side of his neck just below the ear he was unconscious for four days. However Private Parrish’s bad fortune turned to good when his evacuation to England was delayed as there was no room for him on the hospital ship Anglia; as the Anglia crossed the Channel on 17th November carrying 390 wounded officers and soldiers it struck a mine and sunk within fifteen minutes with the loss of 134 men. Private Parrish is now waiting for an operation at Taplow Red Cross Hospital. His mother has visited and found him very ill but most cheerful. The young man was in Canada at the outbreak of the war and joined the 2nd Canadian Battalion.

Source: Luton Times, 3rd December 1915

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