Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Electric Flashlights

1899 Eveready flashlight [Wikimedia]

Thursday 11th November 1915: The novelty of electric hand flashlights is proving too much of an attraction for some of the young men and boys of Luton. The Chief Constable already has forty confiscated torches in his office. While he has no objection to their legitimate use by elderly people who need to see their way on to the footpath when crossing the road, it is essential that they are kept down. Flashing them upwards was a different matter entirely. This has already meant a court appearance for Frederick Frank Atkins, who demonstrated his torch to some friends by flashing it about despite being near to a street lamp. On this occasion the Town Clerk decided not to press for a fine.

Sources: Luton Times 12th November 1915; Bedfordshire Standard 19th November 

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