Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Soldier Convicted of False Pretences at Bedford

Wednesday 30th June 1915: A soldier of the Leicester Regiment has appeared at the Bedford Borough Sessions charged with obtaining food valued at 1s 6d from Emma Amos by false pretences. Jack Smith, alias John Miles, alias David Ross had previously been convicted on a similar charge here at Bedford in October. At that time he was serving as a private in a Scottish Regiment, from which he was discharged as a result of the conviction.

It was stated that Smith had called at houses in Bedford, Wilstead and Goldington claiming that he needed to billet a large number of soldiers. He arranged for the residents to get food in, which most did, putting them to a great deal of inconvenience. He got nothing from them for himself beyond a drink or two. He obtained food and lodgings for a night from Emma Amos on the same pretence. Captain Porter of the Leicester Regiment, which is stationed at Luton, told the court that Smith had been in his Battalion since January 3rd, since when there had been only one small complaint against him. Smith himself gave a written statement, which merely repeated promises of reform he had made last October. The Recorder was unmoved and Smith was sentenced to twelve months imprisonment with hard labour.

Source: Bedfordshire Times 2nd July 1915

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