Friday, 26 June 2015

Do You Know This Woman?

Luton News, 2nd July 1915

Saturday 26th June 1915: Readers of the Luton News have been asked for their help in finding the owner of four photographs which were picked  up on the battlefield at Hill 60 by Sergeant F. Usher of the 1st Devons. One shows a woman holding a young child. Two others show two soldiers, each with some flowers on the front of his cap, and the final photograph is of a man in a dark suit, wearing a button hold, standing beside a lady dressed in black and wearing a large black hat. The owner is believed to be from the Luton area because the envelope in which the photographs had been placed also included one of the cards which were sent with Lady Wenher’s Christmas gifts to the men of the Bedfordshire Regiment.

Source: Luton News 2nd July 1915

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