Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Joy Day at Queen's Engineering Works

Canteen staff at W. H. Allen’s Engineering Works, Bedford 1918 [Z1306/10/6/23]

Wednesday 14th November 1918: Celebrations of the Armistice at Bedford were marked by flags flying across the town, the ringing of church bells and the closure of most of the town’s factories. One military band paraded through the streets and another played near the Swan Hotel. Fireworks were let off in the town both on Monday and Tuesday nights, when the crowd joined in a hearty rendition of the Marseillaise in French accompanied by the Salvation Army band. The main terms of the Armistice were posted in the window of the Bedfordshire Times on Monday evening, evidence of the complete triumph of the Allies. At  8 p.m. an official thanksgiving service was held in St. Paul’s Church

At W. H. Allen’s  Queen’s Engineering Works a “joy day” is being held today. The Works is decorated with the flags of all the Allies, together with a huge Union Jack. This morning saw a ladies’ football match, followed by a match between the Works and Queen’s Park Rangers, and this evening a social and dance will be held in the ladies’ dining room at the Works.

Source: Bedfordshire Standard, 15th November 1918

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