Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Magazines Wanted for Soldiers

Cover of Sketch magazine, 12 May 1915 [Wikimedia]

Thursday 30th May 1918: The Superintendent of the Church Army soldiers’ hut in Dunstable Road, Luton, has written to the Luton News as follows:
“Sir, Will you very kindly allow me a short space in your paper to appeal on behalf of the Church Army soldier’s hut in Dunstable Road, Luton? We are in great need of illustrated weeklies, such as “Sketch”, “Tatler”, “Sphere” etc., and magazines of all kinds. Perhaps some of your readers will pass theirs on as soon as they have finished with them. A regular weekly supply would be greatly appreciated by the soldiers. A chest of drawer is also urgently required for the use of the Hut. I shall be very pleased and thankful to hear if somebody can spare or sacrifice one.”
Source: Luton News, 30th May 1918

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