Saturday, 31 October 2015

Sympathy from a Colonel

Colonel Edgar William Brighten [X550/1/292/4]

Sunday 31st October 1915: Lieutenant-Colonel Edgar William Brighten has earned a reputation for excellence as the military leader in command of the 1st/5th Battalion of the Bedfordshire Regiment. He is also a man of compassion as can be seen in his treatment of anxious and bereaved relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Ambridge of 74, Dane Road, Luton were notified after the Bedfords’ famous charge at Gallipoli on Sunday August 15th that their son Charles was “missing, believed killed”. Seeking more information his mother wrote to the Colonel who replied with great sympathy:

“I am only too glad to give any relatives news of any of my men if possible. But in your case I fear it is not possible – the report you have had from Warley is only too true, and is, of course, founded on information supplied them by me. Men who have been reported missing have in some cases turned up, but I fear it would only be unkind to you to tell you after this lapse of time that there is any hope of your boy turning up again, the fact being that he must have been killed with the others on August 15th, and he has not been found yet. I have made very careful inquiries to see if any of his mates saw him fall or know anything about him. I know it would have been a crumb of comfort to you if you could hear only some little thing, but so far as I can ascertain there is no one who saw him go down. The only consolation you can have is that he died a brave man’s death and doing his part for his country.”

Source: Luton News, 4th November 1915

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