Thursday, 15 October 2015

Bedford School Children Help the War Effort

Clapham Rd School, Bedford [Z1306/9/2/14/3]

Friday 15th October 1915: The Bedford Education Committee has received a report on the war work carried out by the pupils of the borough’s elementary schools. The children have so far collected £30.5s.6d to buy comforts for soldiers and sailors and between them have made:
  • 1041 body belts
  • 335 pairs of socks
  • 64 shirts
  • 430 pairs of mittens
  • 6 pairs of gloves
  • 156 scarves, mufflers and caps
  • 12 wool helmets
  • 12 chest protectors
  • 6981 respirators
  • 200 sun curtains
  • 248 canvas bags for soldiers’ personal effects
In addition they had mended and darned socks, repaired shirts, and cut out 1400 circles of net. Their teachers had also collected over £100 towards the war funds.

Source: Bedfordshire Standard, 15th October 1915

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