Saturday, 4 July 2015

News from Barton, Clophill and Silsoe

Gassed, by John Singer Sargent (Wikimedia)

Sunday 4th July 1915

The annual School Treat is to be held in the Rectory Grounds on July 14th. There will be no sports or prizes this year as it has become impossible to raise the money, and if it could be raised there are too many other good causes to which it should be given. Another problem which will curtail outings this year is the lack of trains; no excursion trains are running, even to London.

Sergeant Wootton and Jesse Titmas have both been suffering from the effects of poison gas. Sergeant Wootton has now recovered and returned to his regiment; he has also been recommended for the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

In November we heard that Captain Lumley Jones had been made a Member of the Legion of Honour and had been mentioned in dispatches. Since returning to his regiment after recovering from a bullet wound earlier this year  he has been awarded the Companionship of the Distinguished Service Order. He has also now been mentioned in dispatches no less than three times. A sergeant in the Essex Regiment recently home from the front made clear the high esteem in which his men hold Captain Jones saying “We would all go anywhere with, and do anything for him”.

Source: Monthly Magazine for the parishes of Barton-le-Cley, Clophill, Flitton and Greenfield, Gravenhurst, Silsoe, Westoning, July 1915 [P21/30/17]

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