Sunday, 5 June 2016

How Can You Save?

Gardeners at Turvey Hall c.1914 [Z1306/128/9/3]

Monday 5th June 1916: Tips for making war time economies:
  1. Make up your mind to cut down expenses. There is sure to be something you can save money on.
  2. Don’t waste food. Use up scraps. Be sparing of meat. Cheese, herrings, beans or split peas are as nourishing as meat. Freshen stale bread by moistening it and putting it in the oven. Cook potatoes in their skins.
  3. Don’t buy lamb, veal or luxuries in food. Only get nourishing food, it goes further.
  4. Plant and sow all the vegetables you can, especially turnips, potatoes, onions, beets. Store these with all the apples against the winters.
  5. Help the Farmers get their crops in. We want all the food we can get for man and beast.
  6. Don’t be tempted to buy anything unnecessary, either from shops or hawkers.
  7. Don’t take an expensive holiday this summer. Spend your holiday at home.


Source: Bolnhurst, Colmworth, Roxton with Great Barford, Ravensden and Wilden Parish Magazine, June 1916 [P28/30/23]

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