Thursday, 24 December 2015

Mud Larks in the Trenches

North Bridge Street, Shefford, c.1910-20 [Z50/101/37]

Friday 24th December 1915: Shefford soldier Lance-Corporal A. Breed of the 1st Bedfords, who is in hospital with frozen feet, writes: “Talk about mud-larks! The last time I was in the mudbaths, for one cannot call them trenches, for six days, and it rained on and off all the time. The mud was up to our knees, and if we moved far we went in up to the tops of our legs. We wore jack-boots, but I was wet footed after the first day. I was in some bad trenches last year, but these last six days are the worst I have had. My feet got numbed, and I could hardly feel them. Still I made up my mind to stick it, at least as long as I could. But on coming out I went sick. The doctor says my feet will soon be better, and I am glad to say they are geeing on lovely. I am pleased to see the people of Shefford are thinking of us again this Christmas, and I hope that you will all enjoy yourselves.”

Source: Leighton Buzzard Observer, 28th December 1915

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