Thursday, 31 December 2015

A War Alphabet

Kindergarten classroom at Moreton House School, Dunstable, c.1910 [Z1306/36/13/5]

Friday 31st December 1915:
A is for Armies whose brave deeds we sing,B stands for Belgium, we honour her King,
C for our Colonies, flocking to fight,
D for the Dardanelles. Did we do right?E is for England who’s “seeing it through,”F for fair France who is trusty and true;G is for Germans, whose cause is so rotten,
H stands for Honour, a word they’ve forgotten.
I stands for Italy, come to our aid,
J Jellico, who will see sea-debts paid.K for Lord Kitchener, on whom we rely,
L is for Loos, where the Germans did fly.
M is for Mons, where some thousands fell, N for our Navy- where? No one can tell.
O stands for Officers, brave men indeed;
P is for Privates who follow their lead.
Q stands for Quarrel, which we never sought,
R is for Russia, how bravely she’s fought!S is for Serbia, not lacking in bravery,
T for the Turks who’ll soon be in slavery.
U is for Unity, shown by Allies,
V is for Victory, surely their prize;
W for Winter, a dreadful time then,
X is for Xmas which brought “Peace to men.”Y is for Year, may the New Year bring peace,
Z is for Zeppelin, whose visits must cease.
(from a V and VI Form Competition, Moreton House School, Dunstable)

Source: The Moretonia, December 1915 [Z930/1/2

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