Sunday, 2 October 2016

Last Moments of a Zeppelin

Monday 2nd October 1916: Ten airships crossed the East Coast of England last night; two of them on a mission to attack London. One was driven off but the second was brought down near to Potters Bar, close enough for residents in the south of Bedfordshire to witness the event. Those standing on the Midland footbridge at Luton Railway Station had a particularly good view as the Zeppelin fell from the sky in flames, and the whole town was illuminated by the blaze. In Dunstable many people had just missed seeing the airship shot down at Cuffley last month, and when they heard the Zeppelin alarm they made their way to positions likely to offer a good vantage point. For a short time Dunstable was flooded by a light which was remarkably bright, considering the distance of the town from the place where the menace of the air was shot down. At Silsoe a dull red light suddenly appeared in the sky around midnight, followed by flames which shot up to a good height. The Zeppelin gradually fell and the light diminished, disappearing completely after three minutes.

Source: Luton News, 5th October 1916

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