Thursday, 27 October 2016

Leighton War Hospital Depot News

Lycée Chaptal, used as temporary hospital 1914-1918
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Friday 27th October 1916: The Leighton Buzzard and District War Hospital Depot now has 130 workers producing items for English and Allied Hospitals. This letter of thanks from Hopital Chaptal, Paris, is typical of many received by the depot:
 “Very many thanks in the name of my numerous sons for your ever welcome present. Today I distributed the slippers, shirts and vests, and you would have been amused and happy to send them; it was quite like a Fair; and to hear their remarks of English generosity. I assure you, those who are working so generously for the French ‘Tommies’ would understand how much good they are doing for them. Poor fellows, they are so brave in suffering, and it takes very little to bring a smile even to those who are blind. If you would continue, when you have time, to send some more slippers, and please, some smaller sizes among them as my boys have little feet. Shirts, vests and socks are always welcome; also some tooth-brushes, and if you have some more counterpanes ready, as the other wards are a wee bit jealous; so amusing to hear them.”
Over the past two months 2,239 items have been supplied to hospitals, including a 92 pairs of mittens in response to a “rush” order from Mesopotamia. No doubt those who contributed to the fundraising event held on behalf of the War Hospital Depot in September  will be delighted to hear that their money is being put to such good use.

Source: Leighton Buzzard Observer, 31st October 1916

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