Thursday, 8 September 2016

Volunteer Recruitment in Bedford

Bedfordshire Volunteer Training Corps troops parading for inspection, 1915 (Ref: Z1306/12/4)

8 September 1916: A well-attended meeting at Park Road, Bedford, was held last night for the purpose of recruiting men for the Volunteers battalion. The meeting was chaired by the Mayor and a parade of existing Volunteers took place. The Mayor emphasised the need to take seriously the Volunteer movement as one of national importance, since the object of the Volunteer movement was to release men of the Regular Army for more important service. There were cheers when it was pointed out that local Volunteers had also been of great service in Bedford, guarding the waterworks and thus saving local ratepayers money. Men in the Volunteer movement had one drill per week and were not expected to contribute to the battalion funds. 

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