Monday, 13 June 2016

Bovril Solves A Problem

Bovril Poster c.1900 [Wikimedia]

Tuesday 13th June 1916: With the change to daylight saving time a new problem has arisen to which the popular condiment Bovril offers the answer:
“The chief boon conferred by Daylight Saving on millions of indoor workers is the extra hour’s light it gives them for some form of outdoor recreation. National health stands to gain enormously by a wise use of this added “playtime”, but it raises some little practical difficulties in domestic arrangements. In their anxiety to secure the full measure of additional sunshine, many young people will go straight from their work to their games without first going home for a meal, and by the time they do get home it will, in these long June days, be too late for any cooking. Sandwiches of various kinds will probably be much resorted to, both for a snack early in the evening and a light supper when the day is over. Here we have a suggestion to make. It is not nearly so well known as it should be that the tastiest, most appetising and most nourishing sandwiches can be made with Bovril. A few thin slices of bread, buttered over, and then spread with a thin coating of Bovril make a dainty and at the same time a stimulating and sustaining meal. Where desired, variety can be given by the addition of lettuce, water cress, sliced tomato, etc. As a one ounce bottle of Bovril provides sufficient for sandwiches for two good meals, the hint will be found most useful by those who have to study economy, especially with meat at its present high price."
Source: Bedfordshire Times, 9th June 1916

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