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Confessions to Gertie Grimmer

Confessions of Betty Benfield

Monday 4th January 1915
Gertie Grimmer, currently nursing at the 1st Eastern General Hospital in Cambridge, received a “Confessions” Album for Christmas from her friend Ethel.[1] Here are some "confessions” from three of her friends: Betty Benfield, Isabel Campbell, and Ruby Whytock.

Of what country are you a native?
Betty:  England
Isabel:  India
Ruby:  Bonnybridge, Scotland

Who is the greatest state man living?
Betty:  Sir John Jellicoe
Isabel:  Earl Kitchener
Ruby:  Sir John Jellicoe

Should bachelors be taxed?
Betty:  Good heavens yes!!
Isabel:  No
Ruby:  Certainly not

Who is your favourite hero in history?
Betty:  Nelson
Isabel:  General Gordon
Ruby:  General Gordon

Who is your favourite heroine in history?
Betty:  Bloody Mary
Isabel:  Grace Darling
Ruby:  Grace Darling

Do you prefer the Town to the Country?
Betty:  Town rather
Isabel:  Town
Ruby:  Yes

At what age should a man marry?
Betty:  It depends on his stability
Isabel:  28-35
Ruby:  28-30

At what age should a woman marry?
Betty:  When she feels inclined and gets the chance
Isabel:  25-30
Ruby:  When she is asked and feels like it

Are you in favour of “Votes for Women”?
Betty:  No
Isabel:  No
Ruby:  No. No. No.

What is your life’s ambition?
Betty:  To travel
Isabel:  Ain’t got any
Ruby:  To get married and have children

Do you object to women smoking?
Betty:  Certainly not
Isabel:  Certainly not
Ruby:  No

Where would you like to live?
Betty:  On the top of the car
Isabel:  Glasgow, Scotland
Ruby:  Capital of Scotland, Edinburgh

What is your favourite Outdoor Pastime?
Betty:  Boating and ….
Isabel:  Golfing
Ruby:  Tennis

What is your favourite Indoor Pastime?
Betty:  Music and ….
Isabel:  Sleeping
Ruby:  Cuddling

Do you consider yourself to be useful or ornamental?
Betty:  Both. Am absolutely necessary.
Isabel:  Neither
Ruby:  ?

What are your favourite Christian Names?
Betty:  Ebenezer and Sophia
Isabel:  Lionel and Eileen
Ruby:  Ormond and Jean

Source Confessions Album of Gertie Grimmer[X291/498]

[1] Gertie Grimmer was the aunt of well-known Ampthill local historian, Andrew Underwood.

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